Management of Anemia: Final Thoughts

  • 1 Robert Provenzano, MD, FASN, is Vice President, Medical Affairs, Office of Chief Medical Officer, and CMO, Nephrology Practice Solutions, at DaVita in Denver, Colorado.
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The editors hope that this issue of ASN Kidney News focusing on anemia and its management will allow readers to review lessons learned from our use of rEPO and to take pause as we thoughtfully embark on anemia treatment strategies utilizing newer agents that may soon be available.

CKD affects over 10% of the US population, with anemia being present as this disorder progresses, ultimately terminating in ESKD, preemptive kidney transplantation, or conservative management. Even with these clinical endpoints, anemia often remains a critical comorbidity. With increased focus on value-based payment and most important, patient-centered care, the management