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Effective Patient Engagement Strategies to Develop Therapies and Advance Patient Safety

  • 1 Kevin Fowler is a recipient of a preemptive kidney transplant and founder of The Voice of the Patient, Inc., and Vice-Chair, Patient Family Partnership Council, Kidney Health Initiative. Follow Kevin on twitter at @gratefull08052004 or contact him at kevinjohnfowler@gmail.com.
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Last year, I attended a medical conference focused on developing medications for kidney diseases. Unlike previous meetings, this conference was centered on developing upstream interventions, a welcome and very positive development for people with kidney diseases.

A nephrologist stated during a presentation at the conference that dialysis and kidney transplantation are barriers to innovation because they provide a “safe landing” for patients. When I heard this statement, I turned my attention away from the speaker to the audience to gauge the audience members’ nonverbal response. Much to my disbelief, the audience appeared to accept this statement as fact. Internally, I