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ASN Partners with VA Center for Innovation on My Kidney Nutrition App Features Challenge

Around 17% of American adults have chronic kidney diseases (CKD), and the rate of prevalence is higher U.S. Veterans. CKD, if not treated appropriately, can ultimately lead to kidney failure requiring either dialysis or a transplant.

A new mobile app is needed that provides autonomy and personalized features to help patients make informed food choices.

Obesity and Kidney Disease: addressing hyperfiltration, diet, and caloric restriction

Public policy efforts to address the obesity epidemic must include the nephrology community because obesity among young adults substantially heightens lifetime risk of ESRD.  Strong attention to blood pressure control and dietary factors may help mitigate CKD risk and its progression.

USRDS 2017 report finds high cost, high burden, low awareness of kidney disease in US

The recent annual report released by the United States Renal Data System (USRDS) found the following highlights:

Children with Kidney Failure

Fewer children under five years old with kidney failure are dying. Mortality one year after kidney failure has dropped by nearly half over the past decade.

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MACs Move to Limit Medicare Coverage for Dialysis More than Three Times per Week

Recently, there have been some very troubling developments involving the Medicare Administrative Contractors – the MACs – that has ASN and other members of the kidney community highly concerned.  The MACs, within a short window of time, have announced plans to limit reimbursement for dialysis that occurs more than three times per week exclusively to patients that meet specific acute conditions. The conditions have been outlined in a draft Local Coverage Determination (LCD).

Dr. Alexander Hamilton on recent CJASN study, "Sociodemographic, Psychologic Health and Lifestyle Outcomes in Young Adults on Renal Replacement Therapy"

A recent study was published online in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN) entitled “Sociodemographic, Psychologic Health and Lifestyle Outcomes in Young Adults on Renal Replacement Therapy” in October 2017.

CMS release final rule for year 2 of Quality Payment Program rule (QPP)

“Following the transition year and ahead of the full implementation in year 3, CMS made provisions to the Quality Payment Program to make it easier for clinicians to participate in the program, reduce burden, and to get clinicians ready for full implementation."

Photo Gallery: Setting up Kidney Week 2017

Take a look behind-the-scenes of setting up the exhibit hall at Kidney Week 2017.

GW Report Finds Improving Job Market for New Nephrologists

The latest report on the 2017 ASN Nephrology Fellow Survey details an improved job market for new nephrologists, although international medical graduates (IMGs) still face employment challenges.

Benjamin Freedman, PhD speaks about CRISPR and the future of treating polycystic kidney disease in recent study: "Organoid cystogenesis reveals a critical role of microenvironment in human PKD"

A recent study was published online in Nature Materials entitled “Organoid cystogenesis reveals a critical role of microenvironment in human polycystic kidney disease” on October 2, 2017.

Please access the abstract and full report on the Nature website.

The Medicare Physician Compare preview period is here

On October 18, 2017, the