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Pregnancy in Women with Glomerular and other Chronic Kidney Disease and the Need for International Collaboration

Patients with kidney disease are at increased maternal and fetal risk during pregnancy. In particular, glomerular-based kidney disease is overrepresented among younger patient populations and is therefore a common form of kidney disease that requires management during pregnancy.


This article is the second in a series of Kidney News articles addressing ways to increase kidney donation on the basis of the deliberations at a December 2016 Rogosin Institute Roundtable on increasing the rate of kidney transplantation.

Practice Pointers

David Serur, MD, is Medical Director of the Kidney & Pancreas Transplant Program of New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center, The Rogosin Institute, NY, NY.

Policy Update

The first four months of 2017 have been nothing short of tumultuous in the Washington world of health care policy.



Even children can face considerable inequities when it comes to receiving transplants.

Industry Spotlight

Cara Therapeutics (Stamford, CT) released positive data about its uremic pruritus product, intravenous CR845, which targets peripheral kappa opioid receptors.

Fellows Corner

Millions of lives have been successfully prolonged through dialysis. However, the world of dialysis has changed since its inception. With time, our patient population has evolved from young and fit to old and sick.

April 2017 Issue

One might think that rare diseases are rare. But if one were to combine all the rare diseases that affect Americans, the overall prevalence is not rare at all. In fact, 30 million Americans, or roughly 10 percent of the population, are affected by a rare disease. Many of these disorders are severe and lead to a significant effect on people’s lives and life expectancy.

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Learn more about choosing nephrology as a career.

Learn more about choosing nephrology as a career.

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